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Activity Center Announced
February 2, 2015 10:07 AM


Sr. Judith Morris to be Honored with Activity Center

In 2006, Sr. Judith Morris wrote a note to members of the community about a vision she had for a new Activity Center at  St. Joseph’s Home.

In that letter she said, “An Activity Center has long been a dream of ours, because we believe so strongly in caring for the whole person— not just their physical needs, but their intellectual, social and spiritual needs as well.”

Planning is now underway for that new Activity Center at St. Joseph’s Home.

Although in the beginning stages, this newly-designed Activity Center will replace our existing “round building” and provide an area expertly designed for creativity, fellowship and comfort for both daily resident  activities and family gatherings.

In honor of a guiding force for change at St. Joseph’s Home, we are proud to say this new Activity Center will be built in the memory of Sister Judith Morris. It is our hope The   Sister Judith Morris Activity Center will be a center of comfort, fellowship and warmth— qualities Sister Judith  carried throughout her many years of service to our Home.

For more information on this Activity Center, or for information on how you can support this project, please contact the Development Office at 217-529-5596.

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SAINT JOSEPH'S HOME of Springfield 3306 S. Sixth St. Rd. Springfield, IL 62703 Phone 217-529-5596 Fax 217-529-8590

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